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Discover how we can help you launch your professional career as part of a team of apprentices working together in study groups to solve tasks and overcome problems. We support you right from the outset to help promote your talent. During an EWM apprenticeship you’ll benefit not only from a large team and a varied job, but also experienced co-workers.

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Apprenticeship area


Electronics engineer for devices and systems (m/f)

Electronics engineers for devices and systems produce components and devices. They put systems and devices into operation and maintain them.

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IT specialist in system integration (m/f)

IT specialists ensure that the company’s IT systems are working properly. They are all-rounders and assist colleagues when something isn’t working.

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IT specialist in application development (m/f)

From PHP, to C# and JavaScript: after their apprenticeship, IT specialists in application development can command programming languages like a foreign language.

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Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f)

As part of the warehouse logistics apprenticeship you’ll learn how goods are stored properly and how to plan routes in an economical and timely manner.

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Warehouse specialist (m/f)

Warehouse specialists receive, sort and store goods. They are also responsible for forwarding on goods.

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Industrial electrician (m/f)

During the apprenticeship you’ll learn how to handle, assemble and connect mechanical components. Your specialist area will be devices and systems.

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Industrial clerk (m/f)

Have you always been good at organising? Are you unflustered when dealing with English-speaking business partners? Then this is the perfect apprenticeship for you!

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E-commerce merchant (m/f)

Do you get excited about online and e-commerce trends and technical innovations? The online world is just your thing!

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Wholesale and foreign trade clerk (m/f)

During this apprenticeship you’ll be responsible for buying and selling large quantities of goods, including external trading.

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Marketing communications clerk (m/f)

Marketing communications clerks create suitable communication concepts for campaigns and specific purposes.

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Digital and print media designer (m/f)

Media designers create and design multimedia products. Your work will be in the print or digital sector depending on your area of expertise.

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Technical product designer (m/f)

The technical product designer apprenticeship is offered in two fields: Product design/construction and machine/system construction

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Technical system planner (m/f)

Vocational training is offered in two fields: Steel and metal construction technology, and electrical system, supply and equipment engineering.

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Specialist in metal technology (m/f)

Metal technology specialists focussing on assembly technology assemble components to form sub-assemblies, or they assemble sub-assemblies to form machines or complete products.

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Study area

Bachelor of Engineering

Graduates develop and design mechanical engineering systems by applying business management knowledge.

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Business Administrator (m/f)

An industrial clerk apprenticeship would appeal to you but you also want to study?

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Careers. Together, right from the start

Your future – our journey together

What do you want to become?
Are you still not quite sure where your future will take you, or perhaps you already have a concrete idea of your future career path? As a diverse company, EWM has many opportunities in store for you. Even our range of apprenticeships in different fields alone sets us apart – from interesting media and marketing-related jobs through logistics to production. At EWM, not only does support-based training await you, but also the opportunity to further develop yourself and begin a career.

We look forward to receiving your application

There are two ways of applying to us:
Either by email to:

or you can send your application to us by post:
z.Hd. Personalabteilung
Dr. Günter-Henle-Strasse 8
56271 Mündersbach, Germany

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Q&A – our apprentices answer your questions

What happens when I arrive?
Upon arrival you’ll be warmly greeted by Ms Feierabend and Mr Meyer in Plant I. They will accompany you during the first two ice-breaker days, where you’ll not only get to learn more about the company but will also meet your future colleagues and fellow apprentices.

Will there be an introductory session with all of the other apprentices at the start?
As mentioned above, there will be three ice-breaker days where you’ll get to familiarise yourself with the company. The first two days will include training on “workplace risks”. You’ll also get to visit the three plants and your departments. A group barbecue will be held on these days for you to also meet the apprentices who have already joined us. We’ll spend an afternoon together getting to know each other.

What does EWM require from its apprentices?
For us, it’s important that you are keen to learn new things. You should also be committed in the workplace. The tasks you will carry out should be enjoyable and you should be able to work well as part of a team.

Will I get to see all three plants?
During your first two days at EWM you will be given a tour of the three EWM plants. You’ll be introduced to the different departments and learn about their scope of activities.

Will I get to meet other apprentices who are already at the company?
Yes, at the group barbecue you’ll meet all of the apprentices who are currently with us. Sometimes, former apprentices who have already completed their apprenticeships come and visit.

Will there be someone assigned to me or is there someone at the company who I can go to for assistance?
Each new apprentice will be assigned a mentor at the start of their apprenticeship who will answer any questions you may have. This mentor will be your guide not only during the first few days, but also throughout your entire apprenticeship. Should you have any questions about training, interim or final exams, just ask your mentor. They are there to support you throughout your journey.

What should I bring with me for the first few days?
For the first few days you won’t need to bring anything except enthusiasm, anticipation and the safety shoes you should already have ordered. All other information will be given to you on your first day.

What qualifications do EWM apprentices need to have?
It’s important that you are keen to learn new things. You should also be able to work as part of a team since teamwork is the basis of many of our tasks. Furthermore, school leaving qualifications are naturally also important, depending on your role. You will find all information above under the descriptions of the different apprenticeships.

How can I further myself professionally? Will EWM help me to do this?
Further training is provided by EWM, for example in the form of seminars. You can also undertake a degree programme after your apprenticeship upon discussion with the HR department.

Does EWM provide training sessions?
Weekly training sessions take place in the individual departments. Mr Meyer oversees the training sessions for industrial trainees for each apprenticeship year. Ms Feierabend oversees the training sessions for commercial trainees. Apprenticeships for marketing communications clerks and digital and print media designers receive training from their instructors.

Can I undertake an internship at EWM?
It’s possible to undertake an internship in various departments at EWM. Simply send us your application with a cover letter, CV and your last reference.


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